NOS Bevrijdingsjournaals Dutch national broadcaster NOS has been making news broadcasts like it’s 1944 right now, to celebrate 75 years liberation of Holland. What would it be like if we’d have news like today in these times. This series was about operation Market Garden. Nearly every shot that was filmed had to be edited / composited. […]

Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 concepts from the last years evolved into a new look. Combining the styles of the last campaigns into a new one.Using grids but also bringing back the curves of the original logo.Several online promos, video loops and print designs were made. ROLES: MOTION DESIGNAUDIO DESIGNPRODUCTION ___________________________________________ ART DIRECTION: ALEX SLAGTER/MASLOW ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION: DANNY HOUTKAMP […]

NOS 75 Jaar Bevrijding and broadcast package made for the NOS (Dutch National Broadcaster) and their special broadcasts to commemorate 75 years of liberation.For the opening sequence, with each broadcast the footage and the title have to be changed.Besides the title sequence, broadcast graphics and logo design, I also had to create a map style which meant a […]

SHAPED A series of animations to explore different kind of styles of bringing audio and video together   ROLES: CONCEPT MOTION DESIGN MUSIC/AUDIO

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 the Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 campaign, we went from pixels to voxels. The whole print campaign was based on pixelated design, but to keep the videos more interesting, we chose to use voxels, because it gave a bit more space to play with it and would be visually more pleasing for video.Besides the online […]

Dried up work, it’s based on an old HIM shirt design I made. It also gave me an opportunity to learn new techniques and tools.   ART DIRECTION AND DESIGN PRODUCTION AUDIO  


Previous Next Based on an old piece dedicated to a friend who passed, I’m working on turning this into an animation. I actually already started this in 2008, back then I already built the bulb and the main body of the moth. So 10 years later in 2018 I started blowing life in this project […]


Previous Next A series based on the circle of life, death creates life. The skulls come from my own collection which I 3d scanned with RealityCapture. ROLES: CONCEPTPHOTOGRAMMETRYPRODUCTION


Previous Next Gateways and other worlds.   ROLES: CONCEPTDESIGN

Winter Olympics 2018 promo for the Winter Olympics 2018 for NOS. The client wanted to project footage onto an icey throne. It was kind of a challenge to create ice and still keep the render times down a bit.   ROLES: ART DIRECTIONDESIGNPRODUCTION